2014 Season!

The 2014 SDKA racing season starts soon! Our first race is Sunday, March 2. We will be racing on the West course. Anyone interested in helping setup the event, please email me at: yzbill379@yahoo.com. For all you new racers, this is a good opportunity to walk the course you will be racing on. 

It is also time to fill out and mail your 2014 membership application. The application can be found on the home page under forms. Early registration helps us prepare for the upcoming season. 

On a personal note, was anyone watching the Kid kart and Rookie Comer racing last season. In my humble opinion, that was the best racing of the year. From the rolling starts to the bump drafting at the last race. Really exciting stuff. Looking forward to more. 

Next update will be after the board meeting on Feburary 12th.

SDKA Secretary

Bill Walsh