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SDKA 2015 Schedule

March 22nd - Qualcomm South East 
April 19th - Qualcomm West 
May 30th - Qualcomm South East
June 28th Qualcomm West
July 12th - Qualcomm South East 
August 22nd - Qualcomm - night race!
Sept 6th - Qualcomm South East
October 11th Qualcomm West
Nov 7th Qualcomm South East


Modified West Track Layout

In case you missed it on the forums, we will be running a modified West course layout. The North section (beyond what was the Kid Kart cutoff) has been shortened but with more turns added, making it more technical. With the revisions, the front straight is also a little shorter. The track length is 8/10th mile. There will not be a Kid Kart cutoff, all classes will run the full race course. Gearing will change as a result of the modified layout; you may need to add +/- 3 teeth.

Here's a link to the track layout. We will also have copies at the race.


Day & Location Change for Monthly Meetings

Beginning in May, the monthly meetings will be held on the 2nd Monday of each month. The new location is Marechiaro’s Italian Restaurant in Lakeside at 14120 Old Hwy 80 (just off the Lake Jennings exit from Hwy 8).


Kid Karts Starting Process

SDKA will utilize a paced rolling start for Kid Karts. The Race Director will review with the Kid Kart drivers before the race.

New Rules for 2015!

IAME Mini Swift. Effective immediately, following the SKUSA and LAKC move to the new IAME Mini Swift for the TAG Cadet class SDKA will also move our TAG Cadet class to this new and more affordable engine package. The spec tire is MG HZ (red).Please note Vortex Mini Rok will no longer be a class for SDKA

Spec Tires:  Vega FH is the spec tire for Kid and Junior classes with exception of TaG Cadet as noted above. Vega FH was added to the club tire options for Senior classes (the three club options are Maxxis SLR, Bridgestone YLC/YKC, Vega FH). MG SK and MG FZ are still options for the Shifter classes only. 

Pit Passes: Effective beginning with the May 10th race, the price for non-driver insurance bands (pit passes) will be $12 per person instead of the previous $10.

Rain Races: 100 Bonus points will be awarded to all drivers competing in any SDKA event officially declared as a "rain race" by the race director. This is a brand new policy effective beginning with the May race.

Events Scored Toward Championship: The policy for the number of events scored toward championships was changed to ... NO drops for 9 or fewer events held in the season; 1 drop for 10 or more events held in the season.

Weight Change:  Stock 125cc Shifter Heavy weight was reduced to 405 lbs to align with SKUSA.

Age Adjustment:  Rookie Comer Restricted local option added – If age 11 on January 1st, may complete the season at 12 years of age.

Entry Fees:  Member entry raised to $80; Kid Kart entry raised to $50.

Required Track Setups/Teardowns:  Increased from 4 to 5 to qualify for year end championship awards (any combination of 5 setups and/or teardowns). We need your help to setup and tear down the races at Qualcomm. Remember to sign the clipboard in the tech trailer to get your service credits.

The San Diego Karting Association (SDKA) is a community organization formed to promote and conduct kart racing in the San Diego County area. SDKA adheres to policies, rules, and technical requirements of the International Kart Federation (IKF) in addition to SuperkartsUSA (SKUSA) for the shifter kart classes.

SDKA sponsors a full season of kart racing at Qualcomm Stadium. Our racing season typically runs from February through November and includes one race per month on average.

The club encourages fellowship and good sportsmanship among its members, and family participation is encouraged at all of our events. General membership meetings are held once a month. Newcomers to the sport are always welcome to attend.